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Winterfest Partiers Get Results with Lake Havasu DUI lawyer

This time of year is the best time to be in Arizona.  While the rest of the country is under layers of snow and ice, we are enjoying sunny skies and warm temps.  Lake Havasu is celebrating this weekend at their 29th annual Winterfest. At this outdoor event, Lake Havasu City will host an array of activities, including food tasting, beer garden, arts, crafts, and music.  Before you partake in the festivities and settle down for a few glasses of wine or beer, make sure you have arranged for a ride afterwards. Lake Havasu police aren’t just around for the summer parties.  They will be cursing the area this weekend watching out for Winterfest goers who have had too much to drink and then get behind the wheel.

Lake Havasu is a relatively small city, compared to the giant metropolis of Phoenix. but they still have a complex and sophisticated court system just like any other city.  Their prosecutors and judges are very familiar with DUI charges and underage drinking charges and want to make an example out of every person who enters the courtroom after being arrested.  The city is a great place to have fun, by boat or on land, but the police do not tolerate unruly or criminal behavior and will arrest you if they have the chance.  If you are arrested in Lake Havasu or Parker for DUI, contact Lake Havasu DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez immediately to discuss your case.  DUI charges are serious and complicated.  It take an experienced and trained Lake Havasu DUI lawyer to fight the charges and get you the best possible outcome.

A Lake Havasu DUI conviction will follow you around forever.  Don’t make another mistake and try to handle the case yourself. Contact Lake Havasu DUI lawyer and Parker DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez to get started on your case today.