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Arizona Minor in Consumption of Alcohol Penalties

My office has represented hundreds of ASU, UofA and NAU students for Minor in Possession of Alcohol and Minor in Consumption of Alcohol.  We get the same questions from potential clients day in and day out.  Generally, the calls are from students who are pretty much asking us to walk them through the entire court process.  The students ask what to say and are interested in having us help craft their defenses.  While I can remember being a student, not having any money and afraid of telling my parents about problems I was having, facing an MIC, MIP or any criminal charge means that you absolutely must tell your parents.  While your parents may be mad at you, you really need legal assistance.

Having my office tell you what to say in court isn’t going to do you a bit of good.  You are going up against a prosecutor.  A prosecutor is lawyer, they went to law school, they passed the bar exam, they have criminal prosecution training.  Chances are, aside from a high school civics class, you probably don’t know much about the law or criminal procedure.  Although you may have a general sense of what you may say, what are you going to do if the prosecutor throws you a curveball?  What are you going to do if you feel pressure from the prosecutor to enter a plea agreement?  What are you going to do if there’s a Constitutional issue that requires you to cite specific case law? Once you sign your name on the line, there’s no reversing your choice.  Is the embarrassment of telling your parents really worth making an irreversible error that will result in a criminal conviction?  Absolutely not.

I am in court every single day.  I know the ins and outs of the courts.  I am rated as a top 10 DUI lawyer in the State of Arizona and top 40 lawyer under 40.  Please don’t take this as me bragging.  What I’m trying to say is, I have a vast amount of experience.  The decision to hire my office to represent you for your MIP or MIC is a sound investment in your future.  Don’t get convicted of a misdemeanor.  Don’t get probation.  I have done so many of these cases that I have a plan in place.  Follow my plan and you will have a better chance of getting an exceptional outcome for your case.  Call my office to see how we can help.