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Can I go to Jail for Arizona Minor in Consumption of Alcohol?

The number one most common misconception potential clients have when calling my office is believing their Minor in Consumption of Alcohol Charge is not a big deal.  People call my office every week complaining that their friend was arrested or cited out of the same event and they got a much better deal than them at court.  When I ask the person calling my office whether they had a lawyer, invariably they will say no.  My respectful response is your friend had a lawyer go with them to court, the lawyer probably goes to court every day and has a vast amount of not only legal experience, but experience dealing with prosecutors.  A lawyer with experience knows how to identify what is a good outcome and what is a bad outcome.  People who do not have lawyers and are representing themselves are naïve to believe that they can produce the same outcome as a skilled lawyer

There is a court in Arizona (I will not mention it’s name because last time I did, a representative from the court contacted me and asked to remove my post) that is known for sending people convicted of minor in consumption of alcohol or minor in possession of alcohol to jail for up to one week.  I can proudly say that I have represented countless clients in this court and not one of my clients has had to go to jail because of a conviction for underage drinking.

I tell all potential clients and their parents the same thing when they call my office.  Hiring a lawyer is a smart idea, whether you are hiring my office or another.  If you go to court on your own and sign a document admitting or pleading guilty to an MIC or MIP charge, your decision cannot be reversed.   Hiring a lawyer is an investment in your future.