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Mesa’s DUI Penalties Reflect its Label as Most Conservative City

A recent study has named Mesa, Arizona as the Country’s most conservative city.  Even before the study, I have always found that Mesa Court is harder than most courts.  My belief is based on two factors.  First, there are a lot of retired people who live in Mesa.  Second, Mesa has a very heavy Mormon population.  Both retirees and Mormons tend to be on the ultra-conservative side of the fence.  Because most of my cases are alcohol-related and Mormons do not drink alcohol, they do not understand that people make poor choices when they have been drinking.  In my experience, they believe that harsh punishment will teach them a lesson.

Don’t Suffer Harsh Mesa DUI Penalties

The DUI outcomes in Mesa are different than the DUI penalties in other courts.  A proper DUI defense needs to be handled carefully, thoughtfully and timely.  Most of our clients are very good people who just made a poor decision.  We can help.  We understand that a DUI conviction may cause tension with your spouse or result in career consequences.  Although the City of Mesa may not be understanding, we empathize with our clients.  We want our clients to know that even if no one else is understanding or supportive, we are going to be the champion in their corner every step of the way.