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Large Smuggling Bust Brings Home Severity of Arizona Drug Charges

Go big or go home is one way to live your life.  That is what the driver of a truck stopped at the Arizona-Mexico border this week must have been thinking.  US Border Patrol busted the smuggler with a mere 6 tons of marijuana in his truck attempting to enter the country.  Marijuana may be legal for prescription medical use, but it is still an illegal controlled substance often used for non-medical purposes.

Arizona Levies Heavy Drug Charges

Arizona has strict penalties for drug trafficking and possession of marijuana.  Even a very small amount can result in a criminal charge and a permanent criminal record.  Most arrests this month will not be on the scale as the drug smuggler at the border, but a drug trafficking charge of any scale is taken extremely seriously by Arizona courts.

Get the Best Outcome for Your Case

Any drug related charge may result in heavy and long lasting penalties, so it is extremely important to hire an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to present the most effective defense and work with the prosecutors.  Matthew Lopez Law focuses on the client and getting the best possible outcome for your drug trafficking or marijuana trafficking charge.  Our office is very familiar with courts all around the state and has an excellent working relationship with many prosecutors.  Call our office right away if you are arrested for drug trafficking in Arizona, and we will discuss your case for free.