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Spring Break is Back and So Are Boating DUIs

Spring breakers will flood to Lake Havasu from Arizona, California and all across the country to unwind this year.  Most of the party takes place on the lake, on boats and the beaches.  Enjoying the sun, sand and cool water is the top priority of the visitors who keep the town busy for the month of March.  Of course, it wouldn’t be spring break without the alcohol flowing.

Police Patrol Both On and Off The Roads

Lake Havasu has been a Spring Break destination for decades but only in the past few years has it seen the more stringent police patrols both off and on the lake.  Police know the scene is a wild, exciting, and sometimes dangerous one, so they don’t take any chances.  Officers are on the lookout for underage drinking, DUIs, and disruptive behavior but are also keeping a close watch on the boat drivers.  Many visitors don’t think that being impaired while driving a boat is illegal, or that it is taken very seriously, but a boat DUI, also known as OUI, is as serious as a normal DUI.

Always Be Aware of The Law

Arizona Game and Fish conduct saturation patrols and OUI checkpoints on the lake.  The legal limit is the same as driving a car: 0.08 BAC.  The charge is also the same: it is a class one misdemeanor.  It is important to remember the heavy consequences you could face if you are charged with a boating DUI on Lake Havasu.  Just as important is to contact a highly knowledgeable and experienced OUI attorney.  Matthew Lopez Law has represented many boating DUI clients out of Lake Havasu and is familiar with the courts, judges, and prosecutors.  If you are charged with a boat DUI in Lake Havasu, Lake Pleasant or Saguaro Lake, your future is in jeopardy. Contact Matthew Lopez Law immediately to get started on fighting your case.

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