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How to have Your warrant quashed at the Scottsdale Municipal Court

It’s very common for my office to receive calls from people who really had no idea they had a warrant for their arrest until they were applying for a job, promotion or trying to get admitted to a university. Chances are, they were living or vacationing in Scottsdale, had a court case but forgot about their hearing, were unable to attend their hearing, or they went to their hearing but failed to fully comply with a term of their sentence.

Will I be Arrested?

If you would like to quash your warrant, but do not have an attorney, you must appear at court, in person to tell the judge why you failed to show up at your court date or did not fully comply with the terms of your sentence. The judge may be upset and has the power to quash your warrant but arrest you.

As an attorney, we can have your warrant quashed without you having to appear in court. The benefit of this approach is that if we appear on your behalf, the judge will not be able to arrest you. Our attorneys will go to court for you to quash the warrant and have the court issue a new court date. At the new court date, we will be able to meet with the prosecutor to negotiate a favorable resolution of your case.

What Happens if I Live Out of State

If our client lives out of state, there is a good chance that in addition to quashing their warrant, we may be able to resolve the case without our client ever having to return to Scottsdale Court. I tell potential clients that in most cases, the fee for hiring our office to represent them will be less than the amount of money they will spend having to travel to Scottsdale Court several times in an attempt to resolve their case. Economically, hiring an attorney to quash your warrant may actually save you money.

If you have questions about how to quash a warrant, our office would be more than happy to speak with you.

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