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Cops Searching for DUI’s in Lake Havasu 4th of July Weekend

Cops Searching for DUI’s in Lake Havasu 4th of July Weekend

Every year, Lake Havasu City throws a spectacular Fourth of July celebration, drawing crowds from all over the country. The warm weather and the sparkling water make for a guaranteed fun-filled weekend. Many families come to town to enjoy the impressive fireworks display. In addition to water sports and boating, drinking is a common sight on the lake. Lake Havasu police will be patrolling the entire city watching out for any sign of impaired driving.

Lake Havasu has been a popular party town for many years, most well know for spring break. But the lake is a go-to spot all through the summer. Many Californians drive over the border, and of course Arizonans wouldn’t miss the opportunity to cool off in the water. Drinking on and around the lake is a fun activity to let off steam and spend time with friends, but be aware of how you plan to get home at the end of the day.

Strict Lake Havasu and Parker DUI Penalties

Our office has helped hundreds of clients navigate the stressful and scary process of being arrested for Driving Under the Influence. A DUI in Arizona is unlike any other DUI; Arizona has a national reputation of being tough on DUI. At Matthew Lopez Law, we are highly experienced with DUI charges in Lake Havasu. We are knowledgeable of the courts, judges and prosecutors in Lake Havasu and Parker, and their unique court procedures. This is how we can get our clients the best possible outcome, often reducing or dismissing charges.

Over the next few weeks, have fun and enjoy the holiday, and keep Matthew Lopez Law in mind if you or a loved one is arrested for DUI.