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Has your lawyer visited you at Durango or Lower Buckeye Jail?

As a private criminal defense attorney, it is fairly common for our office to be hired after our client has fired their original attorney because they were dissatisfied with their original attorney. The basis of their dissatisfaction could be for a number of reasons. The most common reasons are the attorney doesn’t return phone calls, the attorney hasn’t done any work on the case or the attorney seemed to stop caring after he collected client’s legal fees. Part of the belief the lawyer doesn’t care is not making in custody jail visits. Some lawyers don’t like to make jail visits. Visits can be time consuming. The attorney may also feel that the client wants him to visit more than is necessary

Our Lawyers Care About Clients

We are not the type of law firm that is going to take our client’s money and run. We have a reputation to uphold. From the very first day we are hired, we will begin working on your case. Part of our service includes visiting our clients in jail. We understand that communication for client/inmates can be difficult. They have to have an account to make calls or must make collect calls. With every case, we believe visiting our clients at jail is simply part of our job. Because of our reputation, we are incredibly busy. Despite our busy schedule, visiting our clients at Durango, Estrella or Lower Buckeye is something we make the time for. We want our clients and their family to be completely comfortable with our representation.

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