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Endangerment Case in Gilbert Resulting in Dismissal

I resolved a case in Gilbert this afternoon where my client was falsely charged with Endangerment. My client was involved in an incident where another driver committed road-rage. She is a nice lady who works hard to provide for her family and needed an attorney to argue her side of the story. After reviewing the police report and meeting with the prosecutor, we were able to achieve a resolution of her case that resulted in a dismissal of her endangerment charge.

Client Stayed Out of Jail and Kept Her License

The benefit of having her endangerment charge dismissed is that she was able to preserve her driver’s license. Our client needed her driver’s license for work. If she lost her license, she would have lost her job. In addition to the license consequences, if she was convicted, she could have gone to jail. There was too much on the line for her to fight her case on her own. My office couldn’t be any happier with the outcome of this case. Good people deserve good results.

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