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Issuing Bad Checks Lawyer Serving Phoenix Arizona

Although it’s against the law for someone to write a bad check, there are several defenses the attorneys at my office can provide to help you avoid a criminal conviction and keep you out of jail and off probation. The important thing to remember is that in order for a person to be charged with issuing a bad check, there must be knowledge that the person knew or should have known they had insufficient funds.

Our lawyers understand that in this economy, many people are facing financial difficulties. Prices keep going up and most people struggle to make ends meet.   More than likely, our clients did not intend to write a bad check; rather, they were waiting for money to get deposited into their account or forgot about another check or online bill pay that was had not been cashed yet.

Legal Penalties for Writing Bad Checks

Writing a bad check can lead to very serious consequences. The consequences depend solely on the value of the check. If a person wrote a bad check for less than $5,000, they will be charged with a class one misdemeanor. If the check was more than $5,000, the will be charged with a class 6 felony. It goes without saying, if you are convicted of a felony, you will have a very difficult time obtaining gainful employment.

Affordable and Experienced Lawyers

Your charge was most likely the result of a mistake or simply understanding. Let the lawyers at my office help by fully telling your side of the story. You will find that for the level of legal service you will receive from our office, our fee for issuing bad checks is incredibly reasonable.

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