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Kingman Inmate Facing Additional Prison Time For Meth

Kingman Inmate Facing Additional Prison Time For Meth

A prisoner at Kingman prison who was recently transferred to Pinal County jail is facing additional charges than what he was serving time for.  After the riots at the private prison near Kingman, Arizona last week, Geraldo Beltran-Torres was moved to the Pinal County jail.  When guards did a routine cell check, they discovered 31 small bags of methamphetamine under his mattress.  Beltran-Torres was already serving time for possession of a dangerous drug, which meth is categorized as.  Now, the inmate will be charged with another round of drug charges, extending his jail time and adding to his criminal record.

Meth and Other Drugs are Common in Kingman

Drug charges are taken extremely seriously in Arizona.  Even in smaller cities such as Kingman, Parker, and Lake Havasu, drug arrests are not uncommon especially during the busy months of the year.  Whether it is a small amount of marijuana, prescription drugs without a prescription, or large amount of a dangerous drug, you face felony charges and jail time along with a permanent scar on your record and other personal and financial costs.

Kingman Possession of Meth Lawyer

If you are arrested for marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia, or possession of a dangerous drug such as meth, you need to make sure you have a competent experienced Kingman drug attorney on your side.  Our office has helped many clients from the Kingman, Parker and Lake Havasu area with their serious drug-related charges.  Our goal is to work with the prosecutor to get the most favorable outcome for your case, whether that is reducing charges, mitigating consequences, or dismissing charges altogether.  Contact our office if you have any questions about your drug charge and get answers today.