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Lake Havasu Man Arrested for Steroids

Lake Havasu Man Arrested for Steroids

A Lake Havasu man is facing multiple drug related charges after police busted his alleged drug business.  After an investigation and search warrant at his home in Lake Havasu City, Arizona on Monday, police arrested Jeremy Daniels under suspicion of importing and selling steroids.  Detectives found steroids and possible human growth hormones, which are classified as a dangerous drug.  In addition, they found marijuana and drug paraphernalia.  In total, the street value was estimated to be $12,000.

Drug Possession Charges Lead to Jail

Drug possession and drug paraphernalia are an all too common charge around the state of Arizona.  Arizona courts are well known to be very strict on convicted drug criminals, especially when the drug is classified as dangerous and there was evidence of intent to sell.  Even more serious are the charges of importing dangerous drugs and drug trafficking.

Lake Havasu Lawyers Specializing in Drug Charges

Drug trafficking charges are not easy to overcome.  Prosecutors will want to make an example of you as part of the larger supplier network.  This means they will seek severe consequences.  A conviction will mean prison time, fines, and a permanent blemish on your record, needing to be explained at every job interview.  An experienced drug trafficking lawyer who is familiar with Lake Havasu, Kingman and Parker courts is your best hope of fighting the charges.  Our office will use our state-wide experience to present an effective and powerful defense, that will aim to reduce or dismiss your charges.