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Running Results in Extreme Consequences

This past weekend was supposed to be a fun and relaxing holiday, filled with barbeques, swimming, and fireworks with friends and family.  For two Valley families, this weekend will be remembered for their losses.  There were two hit and run incidents over the weekend, both resulting in the death of the victim.  One of the drivers was caught quickly after, however one has still not been found.

Yellow Alert Attempts to Stem the Tide

Hit and run accidents can result easily in serious injury or death because the victim does not get the necessary immediate medical attention.  The driver, often under the influence of drugs or alcohol, makes the decision to continue driving to avoid being arrested, but in doing so gambles in the life of the person he or she hit. Los Angeles has seen so many people fleeing the scene that they have announced it an epidemic.  In fact, according to the LAPD, there were 20,000 hit and runs in 2014 alone.  Only 20% of these cases ever leads to the arrest of the responsible driver.  Their solution is to ramp up a “yellow alert” system, notifying drivers in the surrounding area of the incident and asking for help locating the at-fault vehicle.

Hit and Runs are Everywhere

If caught, an Arizona hit and run can result in numerous charges to the driver.  Leaving the scene of an accident is its own charge.  If the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they will be charged with DUI.  In addition, depending on the injuries of the victim, the driver will be charged accordingly.  Consequences are extreme if convicted, so if you are charged with a hit and run or leaving the scene of an accident in Arizona, it is important you consult with an experienced attorney.  The police, prosecutor and the victims will be against you.  You must have someone on you side to ensure you receive the best outcome possible for your case, and to fight to minimize or dismiss the charges.

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