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Former Federal Prosecutor Punished for Moral Lapse

An unfortunate story hit the news this week regarding the moral lapse of a former federal prosecutor.  The attorney was accused of stealing over $600,000 from a previous client who he was defending at the time.  H. James Pickerstein pleaded guilty to mail fraud and will be sentenced in the near future.  He is facing a possible 3 years in prison and a hefty $250,000 fine for his actions.

Held to a Higher Standard

Similar to doctors and police officers, lawyers are held to a higher standard of morality.  In order to become an attorney, not only do you have to pass the Bar Exam, but you also must pass a rigorous character and fitness step from the American Bar Association (ABA).  Once you are a practicing lawyer, you are required to conform to the ethical guidelines and rules of professional conduct set by the ABA.

We are Committed to our Ethics and Your Case

When a client hires Matthew Lopez Law for their Arizona criminal charge or personal injury case, we are 100% committed to these moral and ethical standards.  We make sure that we are not only meeting these professional conduct expectations, but also going above and beyond to exceed the customer service expectations of our clients.  With our representation, you have an honest, experienced, competent, and hard-working attorney on your side every step of the way, protecting your rights and getting you the best possible results for your case.

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