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Celebrity with a criminal history

Celebrity with a criminal history

Is any publicity still good publicity at this point? Chris Brown has made news once again for violent and disruptive behavior. Brown was arrested in LA on Tuesday for assault with a deadly weapon following the victim’s phone call to police.  True to his historically high drama fashion, there was a standoff at his mansion with police where they allegedly found weapons and drugs. Brown’s past is peppered with incidents of violent outbursts, criminal charges, probation and court hearings.  He has started numerous court mandated rehabilitation sessions but been kicked out due to violating the facilities’ policies.

Arizona assault with a deadly weapon charge

In Arizona, an assault with a deadly weapon charge is something you would not want on your record.  While guns are generally accepted in this state and legal to own, using a gun or other dangerous object to injure or provoke another person could lead to this Arizona felony assault charge.  Even if the alleged victim simply believes you want to hurt them, that could be enough. In other words, an unloaded gun can still meet the definition of a deadly weapon.

Assault cases are complex

With this charge, prosecutors must look at three mental states of the accused: intent, knowingly, and recklessly.  As a defense attorney, I conduct a thorough review of the facts of the case; police reports, witness reports, prior history, etc. The three mental states would be heavily scrutinized.  In my experience, many assault charges have two sides to the story, some are simply false. The police and prosecutors only have one side, and it is my duty to demonstrate to the judge the other side to ensure the best possible outcome for my client.

In Chris Brown’s case, his chances may be up.  With his history, he has a tough legal battle ahead of him.  Most of us aren’t famous music artists, would never benefit from this negative media attention, and cannot afford to have a serious Phoenix assault charge on their record.  Not only do you face jail time, but also a criminal record, possible loss of your right to own a gun, court fees and penalties, probation requirements, and numerous court hearings.  Make sure you get the best representation for your Arizona felony assault with a deadly weapon charge and don’t take a chance on this serious matter.

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