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The Lasting Effects of Having a Criminal Record

When people think of a criminal, they often have in mind some version of a character they’ve seen on television. “Regular” people are not criminals, certainly not the average citizen. At Matthew Lopez Law PLLC we work with people every day whose lives have been turned upside down due to criminal charges levied against them. Many of them are just average citizens.

The truth is, there are millions of regular people walking around who don’t fit the popular description of what a criminal is perceived to be, and yet, they are reaping the consequences of having a criminal record. One serious mistake can cost you dearly if that mistake results in a criminal record. The results are far-reaching and long lasting.

Effects on Family

Your family will be affected in some, probably many, ways if you are convicted of a crime. Regardless of your family situation, unless you are utterly alone in the world, those who are closest to you are going to feel the effects of your criminal record.  Whether it is just embarrassment or something more serious, there will be fallout.

Certain situations could put your marriage at risk. If you have children, particularly if you are a single parent, you could lose parental rights depending on the charges. This could result in your child or children being farmed out to relatives or becoming wards of the state and dropped into the foster care system.

Effects on Employment

Having a criminal record in your background narrows your employment opportunities considerably. If you already have a job, your employer may let you go. Companies have their reputations to uphold and employees with criminal records do not look good to the shareholders. Looking for a job with a stained past can be a nightmare. Felony charges affect the types of jobs you can even consider. Some career paths may be closed to you completely because of your record.

Financial Effects

Between fines, fees and other costs, your finances are going to take a major hit. Being convicted of a crime is an expensive endeavor. When you consider the other costs like losing your job, not being able to secure living wage employment, loss of advancement in your career, the dollar amount starts adding up quickly. There could be additional costs to address as a result of your conviction. If you are incarcerated, how will you meet your financial obligations? Inability to make payments on loans or credit cards could damage your credit.

Effects on Voting Rights

The right to vote in the USA was hard fought for. A  convicted felon loses the ability to exercise the right to vote.

Loss of 2nd Amendment Rights

The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States affords people the right to possess firearms. A felony conviction rescinds that right, unless the conviction has been expunged, set aside or vacated. If your gun rights have been restored, then this doesn’t apply.

Effects on Housing

In many cases when looking for housing a background check is required. A criminal history can prevent you from getting your preferred housing. In some cases, such as conviction of a sexual nature, finding decent housing can be next to impossible. Finding a safe, affordable, nice place to live is often beyond the reach of those with criminal charges on their record.

Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC is Here to Help

At Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC we understand the costs incurred financially, emotionally and societally when a person is facing criminal charges. Too often people will go to court unprepared and unsuspecting of what awaits them. They don’t understand that having adequate representation is vital. We understand that, and we provide excellent representation because we have the expertise and experience to handle difficult cases.

You do not have to face the court system alone or with an unprepared public defender. If you find yourself facing criminal charges, don’t hesitate to call Matthew Lopez Law. Our clients face tremendous pressure and their concerns are many; we understand this and we work diligently to provide the best defense possible.

We have criminal defense lawyers who are able to represent you with clarity and professionalism and give you the chance for the best possible outcome in court. Call us immediately so that we can sit down with you, get all the facts straight and begin preparing your case. We work with you to present a case that shows who you really are.

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