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Arizona Fraud & Embezzlement conviction can steal your future

Woman faces AZ fraud, embezzlement felony charges

Money can make people do things that they never expected from themselves. When a person gets caught up in a money-making endeavor, it can take over their thinking and start to cloud logic and the normal level of caution. Many times I have seen a case where someone began to obtain money by illegal means, it started small then over time as they get away with it, the amount of money grows and grows, leading to serious felony charges and at least one life ruined. One woman is in over her head after she was recently indicted for embezzling nearly $3 million from the real estate companies she worked for in Arizona and Georgia. That kind of amount, as well as it being across state lines, will result serious consequences if she is found guilty.

Arizona fraud charges and Arizona embezzlement charges can carry major consequences, even on a smaller scale. Just because the money wasn’t obtained by snatching a purse or driving off with a car, the law still sees it as stolen. Fraud and embezzlement often take place over years and years, and often by a trusted employee. This means the accused person was taking advantage of their position in a company to meticulously and purposefully steal money for personal gain.

Surprising consequences of Arizona fraud charge

The consequences for an Arizona fraud conviction can be based upon the value of the goods obtained. Even for a first offense, you may be looking at prison time. Common types of fraud include credit card theft, fraudulent use of a credit card and forgery, all of which can be easily piled on top of an embezzlement case. Did you know you can face a felony charge even if you never use the stolen credit card.

Why should I hire a fraud lawyer

In my experience as a fraud and embezzlement criminal defense attorney in Arizona, there are many facets to fraud and embezzlement cases that must be investigated in order to obtain a favorable outcome in court. Many times, the client is not fully aware of the consequences or the extent of the charges being brought against them. That is why a knowledgeable fraud lawyer should always be consulted before pleading guilty and before any court dates. Defending against embezzlement charges and other similar white collar crimes is complex and requires a dedicated and experienced Arizona attorney to fight for a reduction or dismissal of charges, so that your future isn’t stolen from you.

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