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Lake Havasu Spring Breakers Are a Target For Minor in Consumption

Every year during spring break, Lake Havasu is overrun with teenagers out to celebrate the end of the school term. While many of the revelers who flock to Lake Havasu behave in accordance with the law, some minors take the opportunity to let their hair down.

Regardless of how well a minor conducts him or herself during the celebrations, the consumption of alcohol remains an offense under the law. And, according to local police, arrests for offenses relating to underage consumption are continuously on the rise.

Referring to the arrest rate directly associated with underage consumption during Lake Havasu Spring Break in 2013, Sgt. Troy Stirling of the Lake Havasu City Police Department stated, “Underage consumption arrests really went up this year.”

In the same year, underage drinking violations increased to 186, compared to 67 violations in 2012. However, that does not necessarily mean that more minors are breaking the law; it simply means that local police have increased arrests for drink related offenses.

As Lake Havasu becomes a more attractive location for spring breakers, police have no choice but to increase measures to prevent trouble. Each year there are thousands of dollars’ worth of damages to public and private property during Spring Break. Driving under the influence, assaults and burglaries also significantly increase when large numbers of partiers come to Lake Havasu.

Related Offenses

The consumption of alcohol by minors is illegal. There is, however, another motive for increased police activity during Lake Havasu Spring Break. With increased numbers comes increased access to drugs. Much like with alcohol arrests, the number of minors arrested for being in possession of or under the influence of illegal drugs is on the rise.

The use of alcohol, drugs or the combination of the two can lead to other criminal behavior. Many adults have a hard time acting responsibly while under the influence. Minors have not yet fully matured, which makes them even more likely to act out of character while under the influence.

While under the influence, minors may get into fights, drive under the influence, cause damage to personal or private property or commit a laundry list of other offenses. By targeting minors who are illegally consuming alcohol or drugs, the police aim to reduce more serious crimes which could result in life-damaging consequences.

The Consequences of Minor in Consumption

It is important to understand that a Minor in Consumption (MIC) can result in criminal charges that could lead to serious consequences including jail, alcohol education, probation and fines.

For many Spring Breakers, the ramifications of an MIC extend beyond legal consequences. In an effort to curb misbehavior, many colleges will take an extremely dim view of applicants with an MIC on record. Other organizations and professionals take a similar stance, which can spell the end of a chosen career path for minors who end up on the wrong side of the law.

Seek Legal Representation

If you have been charged with an MIC or are the parent or guardian of a minor who has, you should seek legal representation immediately. A lawyer with the experience and expertise of Matthew Lopez Law may be able to get you cleared of all charges, or at least significantly reduce the impact of charges.

We have a team of experts who have worked on countless MIC cases which occurred during Lake Havasu Spring Break.  Having the team from Matthew Lopez Law on your side will really tip the scales in your favor.

You can contact the offices of Matthew Lopez to arrange a consultation where we can discuss your case in greater detail. We will work to get you the best possible outcome, ensuring that your future is not destroyed.

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