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West Mesa Justice Court Speeding Ticket Lawyer

The West Mesa Justice Court is a very busy court involving Criminal Speeding Tickets. This is because the court has jurisdiction over portions of Arizona State Route 101 (“Loop 101”) and State Route 87 (Beeline Highway). The Arizona Department of Public Safety (“DPS”) and the Salt River Police Department routinely patrol these roadways looking for potential drivers to stop and enforce the Criminal Speeding laws.

West Mesa Justice Court Criminal Speeding

Our office recently represented a young man who was traveling approximately 95 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour zone. He was cited for criminal speeding and hired our office to represent him. His main concern was having a criminal conviction on his record. Generally speaking, clients who hire our office are not as concerned with fines as they are with having a conviction on their record. To be honest, our legal fees will be more than the fine. While our services are not for everyone, if preventing a criminal conviction is of the utmost importance for you, we’re your law firm.
If you’re shopping for a lawyer to fight your excessive speeding ticket, you need to keep one thing in mind, not all lawyers are created equal. While you may find a person straight out of law school who can assist you for small price of approximately $500, you might as well throw your money away. We are direct and to the point, we charge a flat fee of $1,500. For this price, you will receive a team of lawyers who will work on your case in an attempt to have charges dismissed or reduced. We believe this price is a tremendous value considering we consistently receive top ratings from many places that rate law firms.

Getting back to the young man who hired us, when we went to his first hearing, the prosecutor wanted him to plead guilty to criminal speeding, which is a misdemeanor. Because we are known to be aggressive, we emphatically said “NO” to this terrible offer.  We went back to our office, had a team meeting and devised a plan to help him out. We submitted a formal request that incorporated letters of recommendations, resumes and detailed explanation of our client’s background, including why he cannot have a criminal conviction on his record. After devoting countless hours, we were able to have his criminal charge reduced to a civil speeding. We saved this young man’s career and we can help save yours too. If you’ve been charged with criminal speeding or excessive speeding in Mesa, we are your go to law firm, 602-960-1731.

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