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What to Do If You’ve Been Arrested Over Spring Break in Lake Havasu

Spring break can be an opportunity to have a little fun and cut loose, but too often it can get out of hand. If you’re spending spring break in Lake Havasu and a good time ends up with being arrested, it’s time to stop living in the moment and think about your future. One night’s mistakes can become a permanent scar on your record, and may have some very serious immediate consequences. Knowing what to do after you’ve been arrested may help you minimize the impact one action could have on the rest of your life.

Common Spring Break Arrests

During spring break, young adults tend to put a premium on fun. It’s understandable, but when it breaks the law, the good times can come to an abrupt halt when you’re sitting in the back of a police car. Some of the common arrests during spring break include:

  • DUI or OUI
  • MIP, MIC or furnishing alcohol to a minor
  • Public displays, such as indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, public consumption, and urinating in public
  • Resisting arrest
  • Severe traffic violations, such as excessive speeding or reckless driving
  • Drug possession or other related drug charges

Depending on the charge(s), these violations can lead to a misdemeanor or even a felony on your record. Many require jail time, and all have fines or penalties that must be paid if found guilty. If convicted, these crimes can tarnish your record, impacting your ability to pass background checks for employment, school, and many other future endeavors.

 After-Arrest Checklist

While you cannot turn back time and erase the event, getting legal help is the best chance to be found innocent of your charges, or have them reduced. You need a lawyer experienced in the type of charge you have incurred. Our team at Matthew Lopez Law specializes in defending alcohol, drug, traffic, and criminal cases in Lake Havasu. We recommend you call us immediately after your arrest, so we can begin working on your case.

In addition, here is an after-arrest checklist to follow to help you prepare for your defense.

  • Write everything down. While it’s still fresh in your memory, write down everything you remember of the incident. Who you were with, where you were, how you ended up being arrested, and any detail you can remember. It may not seem important now, but it could be down the road.
  • In some cases, pictures can be helpful, especially in traffic related incidents. Going back to the spot of the arrest and taking pictures of the street, signs, and other factors that may have impacted the situation can prove beneficial.
  • Make copies of all documentation. Your lawyer will need copies of all documentation that’s given to you from your arrest. Make copies and be sure to keep one set for yourself and give the other set to your lawyer.
  • Medical issues. If you have a medical issue that may have impacted your actions, make sure to document these and discuss them with your lawyer. This can impact how alcohol affects you, or may explain behavior you displayed before or during your arrest.
  • Clear your schedule. If you have a court appearance set, you will need to be available for that time. Missing a court appearance, for any reason, can make the situation worse. Make sure you know when your first court date is. Be aware if you have a DUI or OUI and a possible license suspension, you may be facing two different court appearances: one for the criminal charge and one through the Department of Motor Vehicles for your license suspension.

The idea is to be as prepared as possible to defend your actions over spring break. Even if you feel like you are guilty, you still have the right to defend yourself. Many people pay a fine or penalty for a charge, admitting their guilt, then have a permanent mark on their record. It’s important to understand the options available and make an informed decision on how to handle your charge. Often, charges can be greatly reduced or dismissed with a little help from an attorney that understands the law and the best way to represent their clients.

 Experienced Lawyers in Lake Havasu

If you are arrested over spring break or any time of year in Lake Havasu, call our team at Matthew Lopez Law. We work diligently to defend our clients who are facing criminal, DUI, alcohol, drug, and traffic charges in Arizona. Do not let a wild spring break impact the rest of your life. Find out your legal options by calling us first for a free, no-obligation consultation if you are arrested in Lake Havasu over spring break.