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Why is it Against the Law to Drink Alcohol in Public in Scottsdale?

Scottsdale is a very interesting city. People come to Scottsdale to enjoy the nightlife including the bars, restaurants, and clubs. I’ve been told that Scottsdale has a similar vibe to Las Vegas and New Orleans. In Las Vegas and New Orleans it is perfectly legal to consume alcohol on the street or on the sidewalk. While it may seem that the clubs and bars in Scottsdale are in a contained environment, the reality is, Scottsdale police are carefully looking to issue as many citations as possible.

Public Consumption

It would seem that consuming alcohol in public is a victimless crime – and I would agree with that. Generally speaking, people charged with drinking in public are doing it late at night and are doing it around other people who are also partying in Scottsdale. Why public consumption or open container have to be criminalized in Scottsdale is beyond me. They both seem to be petty offenses but they’re not – their criminal misdemeanors.

While the consequences may not be as severe as they would be if the charge was a DUI, they can still have lasting effects. Most of our clients charged with public consumption have good jobs or in school, and are simply not criminals. Why should these good people and up with criminal convictions? The answer is, they shouldn’t and most likely, if they hire our lawyers to represent them, they will not have criminal convictions on their record. If you decide to hire our lawyers to represent you, there is no reason to worry – you are in very good hands and your case will be handled by attorneys with significant experience. 602-960-1731