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Goodyear Court DUI Lawyer

Goodyear Court DUI Lawyer

I just got back from handling a DUI at the Goodyear Municipal Court. Recently, I’ve noticed that our law firm has received several more calls regarding DUIs at this particular court. Unlike other courts, in my experience,  some of the stops from Goodyear police officers happen to be for very small reasons. It is my belief that they are using some of the stops as pretexts for DUI investigations.

One of the first things I look at when investigating a DUI case is why the officer pulled my client over. Was my client swerving, was my client committing a traffic violation, or was my client doing something that was suspicious? If the reason why the officer pulled my client over had nothing to do with possible impaired driving, then we need to challenge the reason for the stop.  We achieve this by filing a motion to dismiss for lack of reasonable suspicion.

The next thing I look at is how the field sobriety tests were administered. Is there a recording of the field sobriety tests? If not, the results of the field sobriety tests are subjective. Essentially, the police officer is asking the prosecutor and the judge to take their word for it. It is our job as aggressive DUI lawyers, to challenge every aspect of the DUI. If the officer cannot prove how our clients performed on the field sobriety tests, then we need to make the arguments that the officer did not have probable cause for a DUI.

The final stage of a DUI investigation includes how breath or blood was analyzed. Did the officer, the phlebotomist, or toxicologist follow protocol? Was our client given the opportunity to consult with a lawyer before submitting to the breath test or blood draw? Again, if the answer to these questions are no, then this case must be dismissed or reduced.

Arizona DUI Laws

Arizona DUI laws are some of the strictest in the Country. You could go to jail for up to 45 days for a first-time offense, lose your license for up to one year, and you also have a breathalyzer installed in your car for 18 months. On top of this, if you drive for work, there’s a good chance you will lose your license which in turn may cause you to lose your job. There is simply too much at stake to not hire an aggressive Goodyear DUI law firm. We have helped thousands of clients and will be more than all happy to help with your DUI case.

This is just a general overview of how we handle DUI cases at the Goodyear city court. For specific information on how we will handle your DUI case, I strongly encourage you to contact our award-winning DUI lawyers to discuss a full case strategy. For free consultation regarding your Goodyear DUI case, please call 602-960-1731.