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DUI Over 4th of July? We Can Help

If you were arrested for a DUI during the 4th of July holiday in the greater Phoenix metro area, you were not alone. There were several law enforcement agencies in the Valley working together over the prior holiday weekend through July 4th on a targeted DUI Task Force. Chandler, Tempe and Scottsdale police were some of the agencies conducting saturation patrols to identify possible impaired drivers. If you were one of the drivers that ended up with a DUI charge, it is time to think about your options.

Holidays are DUI Bait

It is easy to get carried away during the holidays. A few beers at a 4th of July celebration or at a Memorial Day barbeque may seem harmless, but if you are over .08% BAC when you get behind the wheel, those beers could cost you plenty. Arizona is one of the toughest states when it comes to DUIs and the local police forces in the Phoenix Valley use the holidays to set an example.

  • Over 500 DUI arrests were made over 4th of July weekend in 2017
  • 481 DUI arrests were made over the 2018 Memorial Day weekend
  • Over 2,000 DUI arrests were made over the 2017 holiday season in Arizona

Every holiday that is historically known for high levels of alcohol consumption is an opportunity for police enforcement agencies to ramp up on DUI arrests. They complete saturation patrols and specifically are looking to arrest people who may have been drinking, a very effective method for racking up large numbers of DUI arrests in a short period of time. While you may be just another arrest or statistic to them, a DUI can impact your life for many years to come. However, having the right Arizona DUI attorney can make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

Importance of Fighting a DUI Charge

Whether this is your first DUI, or you have been down this road before, the best way to get the most desirable outcome in your case is with an experienced DUI attorney. You may think you have limited options, especially if you failed a breathalyzer or blood test and were well above the .08% BAC, but you may be surprised at the difference a lawyer can make. There are many different ways our legal team at Matthew Lopez Law can help minimize the damages in most DUI cases.

The fact is, without a DUI attorney, there is little doubt you will be convicted of a DUI and face the penalties. Even first-time offenders face thousands of dollars in fines and fees, up to six months in jail, higher insurance rates, an interlock device and possible alcohol counseling. It is a Class 1 misdemeanor that will be on your record. For those with previous convictions, the penalties become steeper, making it even more critical to have an attorney on your side.

There are several ways our legal team will work to fight your DUI. We will first start by hearing your side of the story – we need to know exactly what occurred before, during and after your arrest. Every detail is important – from where you were pulled over, the conversation between you and the officer and what occurred when you were detained. There may be a detail you may not think is important, but it could be the key to winning your case and having the charges dismissed.

In addition to listening to your story, our legal team will investigate the arrest and ensure everything was done by the book. We look at the administration of the blood or breathalyzer tests to make sure the evidence the prosecution is using is viable and legal. Our team will research to ensure that all the necessary steps were taken during the arrest – a mistake or error on the part of the law enforcement agency can be the key to a dismissal or a reduction of the charge. And, mistakes are common during busy DUI stings like the one that just occurred over the 4th of July weekend. We know every possible option available to fight your case and work diligently to get the best outcome for your case.

Now Is the Time to Call

If you are scheduled for a court date for your DUI, you do not want to face this alone. Call our office in Tempe, Lake Havasu City or Apache Junction to schedule a meeting with our legal team. We can discuss your case and help you plan for the steps ahead. We will begin researching your case and looking for options to get the charges reduced or dismissed. Our team will give you the information you need regarding possible license suspension and other stipulations that can accompany a DUI charge. Call today and we can work together to put the unfortunate events over the 4th of July behind you and strive to get the best results from fighting your DUI charge.