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Lake Havasu’s Personal Injury Lawyer

AAA is a national roadside assistance company that helps thousands of stranded drivers every year. This summer alone, AAA expects to receive over 200,000 calls. The Arizona heat can be hard on our vehicles and tires. It is important to keep up with your regular maintenance on your car or truck to avoid blowouts, overheating or any other number of heat related car problems.

There are many long roads around Lake Havasu and Parker between towns where you would hate to be stranded, especially in the summer. If you are stranded on the side of any of these roads, it can be dangerous. Other cars driving on the roadstravel at high speed and may not be paying attention to stalled vehicles on the shoulder. There is a risk of being severely injured by another car.

We’ll Fight to Get yo Paid!

Injuries from these other cars can easily be life threatening. The recovery can take months or years and the pain long-lasting. Our office has personally seen these horrific injuries caused by a vehicle hitting a stranded driver. Make sure you pull over as far as you can off the road, and do not stay in the vehicle if possible. If you or a loved one is hit, Matthew Lopez Law can take much of the stress off you while you focus on healing. Our office is highly experienced in personal injury cases involving car accidents and will handle the insurance companies on your behalf to get the highest possible settlement. Letting our firm be your champion in the fight with the insurance companies allows you to concentrate on spending time with your family, and healing to get back to your life as quickly as possible.