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Spring Break Drug Charges Can Have Serious Results

College students from all around the country rejoice: Spring Break is upon us. The weather is warming up and summer is just around the corner.  At the University of Arizona, they came up with the perfect event just before students head out to the week-long party, their annual Spring Break Safety Fair. This event focuses on the common dangerous behavior that people often take part in while on break.  These include alcohol, drugs and risky sexual activities to name a few.  The goal was to remind students to use common sense to lower their risk of ending their holiday in the hospital, or in jail.

 Experimentation can have Lasting Effects

Whether you are student at U of A, ASU, or any other university around Arizona, our office has experience with all kinds of arrests made due to spring break mistakes.  Experimenting with illegal drugs may seem fun and harmless but there are many legal consequences that you face if you are caught using or possessing them.  An Arizona drug possession charge is taken extremely seriously in Arizona courts.  Recent drug-fueled incidents at colleges have prompted judges and prosecutors to impose heavy consequences on defendants, even for first time offenders.

 Experienced Defense Can Make a Difference

There are so many factors in an Arizona drug possession case that can affect the penalties sought by the state, including what drug, how much of the drug was found, and the assumed intended use.  In addition, there are many nuances to a drug case that only a professional and highly experienced criminal defense attorney would understand.

At Matthew Lopez Law, we have represented hundreds of students for alcohol and drug related charges and know the intricacies of a drug case.  We know how to thoroughly review the arrest, and how to make a tough and effective defense to get the best possible outcome for our clients.  If you are arrested this Spring Break for drug possession or drug paraphernalia, call Matthew Lopez Law right away to get started on fighting your case.

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