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How does Arizona handle ignition interlock devices?

Arizona residents who are convicted of a DUI related charge will have to deal with numerous repercussions and penalties. Fines, fees and possible jail time are among them. But what about ignition interlock devices? 

These devices are typically used to lock your ignition until you blow into the device. If the device detects any alcohol on your breath, the car won’t start. It is also illegal to try to tamper with, disable, or get around the device by having someone else blow into it for you 

Arizona is actually particularly strict with their ignition interlock devices. FindLaw takes a look at the certified ignition interlock program in Arizona, which takes effect for everyone who is convicted, even if it’s your first offense. The duration of time that you are expected to keep the device in your car can potentially differ from situation to situation, with more severe offenses requiring longer periods of time with the monitor in place. 

You must keep this device in your car for the duration of your sentence. The device will also occasionally call for additional breath samples to ensure that the driver isn’t “cheating the system” by having another person blow into the device to start the car for them. 

You will also likely need to apply for a restricted license, which will permit you to drive, but only for certain crucial purposes. This includes doctor appointments, going to work or school, or making it to other vital destinations. 

If you are at risk of being convicted of a DUI related crime, consider contacting an attorney for more information. They can help you figure out what you need to do next.