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What can mess with a blood alcohol test reading?

Officers who pull Arizona drivers over on suspicion of driving under the influence will likely administer tests. These tests will determine your blood alcohol content (BAC) levels. Though breath tests are the most well-known, they are not touted as the most accurate. That honor goes to blood tests. But just how accurate are blood tests? 

Blood tests involve drawing a sample of your blood to test in a lab. The result will show how high your BAC levels are. While there is a little less room for errors with this than with breath tests, that does not mean it is completely error-free. In fact, many different factors not related to alcohol use can result in a high BAC level. For example, health conditions or even your diet can affect your BAC level. People with high ketones or diabetes have high ratings. So does anyone on cough or cold medicine. Even a cough drop can leave traces of alcohol in the blood. 

Speaking of your blood, it takes a while for alcohol to seep from your stomach and liver into your bloodstream. There have been instances in which a person’s BAC was over the limit at the time a lab technician drew blood. However, because of the way alcohol distributes through the body, it may have actually been below the limit at the time they were driving. 

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