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The impact of false domestic violence accusations

Facing a domestic violence case is daunting, especially since the impact of such a case is significant. Our legal team at Matthew Lopez Law knows that these charges frequently disrupt many facets of one’s life, even if they are completely innocent. In Arizona, many people falsely accused of domestic violence see their lives unravel in countless ways and some cannot ever fully recover from the impact of the allegations. Job loss, permanent damage to one’s reputation, an inability to secure another position and even time behind bars have become a reality for many people throughout the state. 

Various factors often cause a former spouse, an ex-boyfriend or an ex-girlfriend to falsely accuse their former partner of domestic violence. Sometimes, they want to gain an edge in a custody case, especially if a heated dispute surfaces. Other times, they decide to lie and claim that their ex abused them solely to get revenge. Moreover, misunderstanding also plays a role in some of these cases. For whatever reason that a case surfaces, those falsely accused of physically, verbally, financially or sexually abusing a former partner often have a lot of stress and no idea of what to do next. 

Our law firm recognizes the major impact these cases have on one’s life in terms of their career, mental stability, finances and future. Such a case requires a methodical approach and the unique details pertaining to one’s circumstances necessitate an individualized approach. Head over to our law office’s page on domestic violence if you want to read more on handling such a case.