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Reckless driving can cost your license

Reckless driving is about dangerous behavior on Arizona roadways. You may not only encounter different types of reckless behavior on the morning commute, may be guilty of it, without even realizing the potential consequences. 

The News Wheel reports that speeding is one of the most common forms of reckless driving. Officials set the speed limit in particular areas using specific criteria. Traffic patterns, sharp turns and other road conditions can determine how fast is too fast. When you exceed the posted speed, law enforcement may cite you. 

Many drivers disregard tailgating as dangerous behavior. Minor fender-benders may occur at slow speeds, but when it happens on the highway, the results can be devastating. If you follow too close to a vehicle and driver hits the brakes, you may not have enough time for safe evasive action. Sharp turns at high speeds can result in out-of-control swerving. This could cause you to go off the road or hit a vehicle in another travel lane. 

Cutting people off may have deadly consequences, even if it is unintentional. You could inadvertently hit another vehicle, or the other driver may swerve to prevent a collision. This behavior also incites road rage. In such situations, the driver you cut off may actively chase you in retribution with catastrophic results. 

In the same way that speed limits are set for particular reasons, so too are the center dividing lines. If two solid yellow lines separate the travel lanes, passing is unsafe. There may be a hill, curve or other landscape characteristics that makes passing another vehicle dangerous. 

If an officer pulls you over for reckless driving, you may face fines, a suspended or revoked driver’s license and jail time.