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Marijuana Transportation in Kingman and Mohave County, Arizona

In Arizona, it is legal to possess and use marijuana for medical purposes, but this relatively new law has had an impact on other marijuana-related charges. An individual can still be charged with marijuana transportation, which is a drug trafficking charge, in both Kingman and Mohave counties. It is important for Kingman and Mohave County residents to be aware of these marijuana transportation laws, as this charge can carry serious penalties upon conviction.

Understanding marijuana transportation charges in Kingman and Mohave County

Medicinal marijuana is legal, but those who are responsible for dispensing medicinal marijuana have to be mindful of marijuana transportation laws across the state of Arizona. In Kingman and Mohave counties, there are limitations in place and those who are transporting marijuana have to stay within the confines of the law.

Any person who is transporting marijuana that is not licensed for medicinal use may be subject to criminal marijuana transportation charges. A person can be charged with marijuana transportation if:

  • They are in possession of marijuana that they intend to sell for personal profit.
  • They are transporting marijuana and also are in possession of deadly weapons, or deadly weapons are used in the sale of marijuana.
  • They are transporting marijuana near a school.

Even for first offenders, a marijuana transportation charge is a class 3 felony in Arizona. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the charge and any aggravating factors included as part of the charge, a person who is convicted may be sentenced to serve up to 10 years in prison.

The crackdown on marijuana transportation charges in Arizona

Since the implementation of the medical marijuana law, Arizona law enforcement officers have become more focused on targeting drug traffickers in the state. Residents in Kingman and Mohave counties should be aware of the crackdown on marijuana transportation in the state, and should be mindful of the fact that police officers are monitoring this type of behavior closely on area highways. In Kingman County, it seems that law enforcement officers have identified I-40 as a hotbed for marijuana transportation, and they focus a lot of their efforts in this area.

What to do if you have been charged with marijuana transportation

Those who are charged with marijuana transportation are often aware that they can face serious penalties and endure lasting consequences if they are convicted. It is important to be aware that the prosecution must prove every aspect of the charge in court, and it is imperative that an individual who has been charged works with a criminal defense attorney who will advocate for their rights.

Any individual who has been charged with marijuana transportation in Kingman or Mohave counties will want to secure the assistance of a qualified criminal defense team as soon as possible. To learn more about the defense strategy that may be used in this type of case, contact our Tempe criminal defense law office today.