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Month: June 2020

Child porn laws in Arizona

In Arizona, laws relating to sexual offenses involving minors may span a variety of allegations. The corresponding potential penalties may vary in part based on the age of the minor said to have been involved.  Among the types of offenses a defendant may be charged...

Common domestic violence questions answered

Often, domestic abuse is a pattern of controlling behavior. When a person faces domestic violence accusations, there is sometimes confusion as to what constitutes domestic abuse.  Are acts against an ex considered domestic violence? Can domestic violence include...

Is paying for sex a crime?

Sex between consenting adults does not typically draw notice from city or state governments. If the exchange of money or other goods of value plays a part in such interactions, however, you may face charges for prostitution and solicitation.  While state law prohibits...

What happens after a DUI charge?

When you’re arrested for driving under the influence, it’s important that you understand what to expect. The effects of a DUI not only reach within the court processes and penalties but to many other aspects of your life. The process of a DUI charge consists of...

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