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Arizona parents’ due concern when their child faces a DUI charge

We harbor highest hopes for them. We firmly support them in all they do. They will likely never know just how much we love them.

And, of course, when it comes to our children, we worry about them.

That’s just unavoidable, right? As parents, we know that the sons and daughters still living with us on their way toward adulthood are bright yet impressionable individuals.

That means this: They’re still growing and not yet fully mature. They surprise and awe us with their potential and insights, yet we also know that they sometimes act rashly and make questionable decisions.

In essence, that is the definition of a teenager. Mistakes are occasionally forthcoming, and parents know that a wrong choice made by their children should not be unduly penalizing.

Arizona law enforcers don’t always see it that way. Their focus is not on a child’s essentially good nature and right to a second chance. It is on legal rules and penalties for their violations.

That means this: Arizona moms and dads sometimes see their kids embroiled in legal challenges, with drinking-related matters being notably common.

Why a DUI offense is a serious matter for an Arizona teen

Arizona adolescents seldom see the big picture when it comes to a DUI stop and arrest. And it is likely the case that very few of them know that, unlike adults, they can be slapped with a DUI charge if they have even a single drop of alcohol in their systems.

Such an outcome can materially upend the life of any affected young person under the age of 21. Many minors can reasonably foresee some of the obvious repercussions that link with a DUI arrest, but there are many adverse effects they might not be aware of.

Adverse consequences of a DUI for an Arizona juvenile

Here’s an initial point to note concerning a potential DUI-linked outcome for an underage Arizona student or other young person: Jail time could be in the cards, as well as what is generally a frightening and intimidating experience with legal authorities. And that downside is coupled with a host of other negative possibilities, which include these:

  • Loss of a job and/or curb on other employment possibilities
  • Suspension from select school activities
  • Spiked car insurance rates
  • Imposition of fines, court costs and other financial penalties
  • License suspension
  • Lost educational opportunities (e.g., school acceptance and scholarship consideration)

That bulleted list is varied and lengthy, but it denotes only partially the full scope of negative consequences that can flow from a DUI charge and conviction.

There is near universal acceptance of the notion that juveniles often make mistakes owing to fundamental immaturity and, in most cases, don’t merit a stringent legal response for their errors.

Arizona parents having questions or concerns regarding a legal challenge their child is facing might reasonably want to contact a proven and results-oriented criminal defense attorney for candid counsel and diligent representation.