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What legalized marijuana means (and doesn’t mean) in Arizona

On November 3, Arizona Proposition 207 was approved by more than 1.9 million voters across the state. This proposition essentially legalized recreational marijuana, but it’s important that residents in the state understand what this means — and what it doesn’t mean.

Arizona Proposition 207: What You Need to Know

Arizona Proposition 207 was presented to the voters of Arizona on the November 3 ballot. More than 1.9 million voters voted in favor of the proposition, while about 1.2 million voters voted against the measure. As the proposition was approved by a majority of the population, recreational marijuana use is now allowed in the state. Here’s a few facts to note:

  • Adults ages 21 and older are able to possess marijuana, grow the plant and use the drug recreationally.
  • Medical marijuana dispensaries can now sell the drug to any adult over the age of 21. Previously, dispensaries were limited to those who had a prescription for the medicinal use of marijuana.

Growing, Possessing And Purchasing Marijuana In Arizona

Under the new law, there are limits to the amount of marijuana that an individual can grow or possess at a given time. According to AZ Central, here’s what you need to know:

  • An adult over the age of 21 can grow up to six plants in their home. There is a limit of 12 plants per home, regardless of the number of adults who reside at the property.
  • Adults over the age of 21 can have up to one ounce of marijuana in their possession, or no more than five grams in a concentrated form.
  • Adults over the age of 21 will be able to purchase marijuana at medical marijuana dispensaries. However, most dispensaries will not be able to sell to people without a medical marijuana card until closer to March of 2021.

Products That Dispensaries Can Sell

Most medical marijuana dispensaries will be able to sell the same products to adults that they do to individuals who hold a medical marijuana card. However, some of the products that can be sold to adults who use the drug recreationally will have potency limits.

Operating Under The Influence Of Marijuana

While recreational marijuana use is now legal in Arizona, it is still illegal to operate a vehicle, boat or other piece of transportation equipment or heavy machinery while under the influence of marijuana. It’s particularly important that recreational users keep this law in mind, and only use marijuana when they have a designated driver.

It’s important to note that many of the changes that will be ushered in as a result of the approval of this proposition will take place over a period of time. Whether you have a previous felony marijuana conviction that you would like erased or you simply need more information about when you can use, purchase or sell marijuana, it is best to work with an experienced attorney. Contact our law firm today to find out how this change in law might affect you.