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Are you eligible for drug court in Maricopa County?

While an Arizona drug conviction may have immediate effects, such as possible jail time or hefty fines, it may also follow you and hinder other aspects of your life. However, depending on your situation, you may have the option of enrolling in drug court in Maricopa County, which may lessen the severity of the penalties you face.

Per the Judicial Branch of Arizona, the Maricopa County Drug Court program first took shape in 1992 in an effort to help offenders with substance dependencies develop the tools and skills they need to remain drug-free.

How drug court works

When you gain entry into drug court, you typically have to take part in regular drug testing while the program is ongoing. Expect, too, to have to appear regularly before court administrators, take part in treatment sessions and support groups, and uphold other necessary compliance requirements.

Who is eligible for drug court

You may be able to gain entry into drug court in Maricopa County if you face a felony offense that has at least a two-year probation grant. Furthermore, a risk assessment must show that you are at medium or high risk of reoffending, and you also have to meet certain residency requirements. You also need to have an established history of either moderate or severe substance abuse.

If you are able to enter and complete drug court in Maricopa County, it may lead to a more favorable outcome for your drug case. If you successfully complete drug court, it may lead to a reduction of your drug charge, among other possible outcomes.