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Multiple traffic offenses can have unwanted consequences

Many people think of minor traffic offenses, such as speeding five miles over the limit, as no big deal, and they pay the ticket without thinking twice.

However, if you get multiple tickets in a year, this can result in consequences that interfere with your ability to drive. If you receive a ticket for more serious traffic violations, these consequences may occur right away.

Points assessment examples

For each traffic violation, a driver receives points on their driving record. The Arizona Department of Transportation discusses that the number of points assessed varies according to the specific violation. More serious violations, such as a DUI or reckless driving, receive eight points. It is six points for violations such as death caused by the failure to stop at a signal or a hit and run accident. There is an assessment of four points for injury caused by failing to stop, and speeding results in three points. All other violations receive two points per incident.

Penalties for excessive number of points

If a driver racks up a minimum of eight points within 12 months, there is usually a requirement for Traffic Survival School attendance. Depending on the violation, there may also be a license suspension for a specific amount of time. For some violations, such as aggressive driving, if there is a subsequent violation within 24 months, there is a license revocation for 12 months.

Options to reduce number of points

The Arizona Supreme Court discusses that a driver may be eligible for a Defensive Driving course. Eligibility requirements include:

  • It is a civil moving violation offense
  • An accident did not involve serious injury or death
  • The driver does not want to contest the traffic ticket
  • The driver has not attended a driving course within the previous 12 months

Completing this course allows for the dismissal of one violation, which reduces the number of points on record.