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Penalties for unpaid traffic tickets in Arizona

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that high speeds played a part in more than 27% of traffic fatalities in 2021. Speeding and other traffic violations frequently occur and sometimes people overlook or deliberately ignore the payment of fines.

In Arizona, as in any other state, avoiding traffic ticket payment can result in more than just fines. It can affect your driving privileges and could land you in legal trouble.

Consequences of unpaid traffic tickets

When you don not pay a traffic ticket in Arizona on time, additional fines accumulate. Late fees and additional charges can significantly increase the initial fine.

License suspension

Ignoring your traffic tickets can result in the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division suspending your license. This suspension means you cannot legally drive until you have paid your fines and reinstated your license.

Vehicle registration suspension

Until you settle the outstanding fines for unpaid traffic tickets, the DMV can suspend your vehicle registration. This can cause serious issues, especially if your registration is due for renewal.

Possible arrest warrant

Repeatedly failing to pay traffic tickets or not appearing in court when summoned can result in a judge issuing an arrest warrant. This severe consequence can result in legal trouble and additional financial penalties.

Insurance premium increase

Unpaid traffic tickets can also lead to an increase in your auto insurance cost. Insurance companies usually consider your driving record when setting your premium. If they see unpaid traffic tickets, they may label you a high-risk driver and raise your premium. If you have a suspended registration, the insurance company may cancel your car insurance policy.

In Arizona, consistently avoiding traffic ticket payment can lead to severe penalties. Paying traffic tickets on time helps you avoid these consequences and maintain a clean driving record.