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What are your Miranda rights?

When facing the possibility of arrest or police interrogation, it is important for a person to understand their rights fully.

These rights, covered under the Miranda rights, can help ensure that a person does not face unjust treatment within the legal system.

Protecting yourself in interrogations

MirandaWarning.org discusses the importance of a person’s Miranda rights. They offer numerous protections to someone undergoing an interrogation.

One of the biggest protections is the right to legal representation. This means that a person who cannot afford their own attorney can have one assigned to them through the state.

This is important because an average citizen does not know how to talk to police. It is important to avoid accidental self-incrimination, even for innocent individuals. This is where legal representation can come in and communicate on behalf of a person.

Your right to remain silent

The other major protection is a person’s right to remain silent. This essentially means that a person does not have to engage with the police in an interrogation if they do not want to, and the police cannot force information out of them.

A person can invoke this right at any point in the interrogation and it will take effect immediately, allowing them to disengage from the discussion.

It is important to remember one thing, though. After a person invokes their right to remain silent, it is important for them to actually remain silent, though. Anything they say may still end up used against them in a court of law.