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Will your child go to jail for shoplifting in Arizona?

According to Capital One Shopping Research, in 2022 alone Arizona retailers lost close to $1.5 billion in revenue because of theft.

Shoplifting carries serious consequences, even for young individuals. The state takes a tough stance on shoplifting, and parents and teenagers need to understand what might happen.

Arizona’s shoplifting laws

Shoplifting is a type of theft, and the severity of the consequences depends on the value of the stolen items. If the total value is less than $1,000, it is a Class 1 misdemeanor. However, if it goes over $1,000, it becomes a Class 6 felony.

Programs for juvenile offenders

This state emphasizes rehabilitation over punishment for juvenile offenders. There are diversion programs designed to address the reasons behind a teenager’s shoplifting behavior. These programs may include counseling, community service or educational courses. Successfully completing these programs can lead to a more lenient outcome for the young offender.

Consequences for repeat offenses

If a juvenile commits multiple shoplifting offenses, the legal consequences become more serious. Further offenses may result in more strict interventions, such as placement in a juvenile facility. It is key for parents to take proactive steps in addressing the underlying issues to prevent a pattern of repeated offenses.

Parental responsibility

The law may also hold parents responsible for their child’s shoplifting. If it’s proven that a parent knew or should have known about their child’s tendency to shoplift, they may have to pay for the stolen items.

While juvenile incarceration is a possibility for shoplifting in Arizona, the state emphasizes rehabilitation. Parents play a huge role in steering their children away from shoplifting and ensuring their participation in diversion programs if needed.