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An Arizona DUI raises car insurance almost 150%

A conviction for driving under the influence in Arizona comes with a range of consequences. A notable ripple effect is the substantial increase in car insurance premiums. Understanding the factors that contribute to this spike helps individuals navigate the aftermath of a DUI conviction.

From higher premiums to potential policy cancellations, the impact on car insurance is a significant concern for those dealing with life following a drunk driving arrest.

Insurance premium surges

An immediate consequence of an Arizona DUI is a sharp increase in car insurance premiums. Insurance providers view individuals with a DUI conviction as high-risk drivers. This results in a significant spike in the cost of coverage. This increase can continue for several years. It can also affect financial stability and make car ownership more expensive.

Risk assessments

Insurance companies calculate premiums based on risk. A DUI conviction is a red flag indicating a higher likelihood of accidents or violations. The risk assessment considers the increased probability of future incidents related to impaired driving. As a result, insurance providers adjust premiums to mitigate the potential financial impact of covering individuals with a history of DUI offenses.

Potential policy cancellations

Some insurance providers in Arizona may choose to cancel policies altogether for individuals with a DUI conviction. In such cases, finding alternative coverage becomes challenging. Policy cancellations can also lead to lapses in coverage, exposing individuals to legal and financial risks.

Insure.com reports that an Arizona DUI raises annual auto insurance premiums by an average of 145%, or $2,204, per year. This sharp spike highlights the importance of making informed decisions and taking proactive steps to address the aftermath of impaired driving convictions.