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Casinos plan to expand alcohol use

Navajo officials are proposing a change in tribal law that would expand the allowed areas for alcohol to be served within their Arizona casinos.

Currently alcohol use in casinos can only be served and consumed in the restaurants, and is not allowed on the gaming floor.  The change would allow alcohol to be taken to the gaming floor so customers could drink while paying.  Other tribal casinos in the state already allow this to happen so customers had been asking for it.  Alcohol consumption at casinos in the Valley is very popular and often between the gambling, music performances, clubs and restaurants, casino-goers often are unaware how much the alcohol is affecting them.  The casinos benefit from customers consuming alcohol….but the danger comes when it is time to drive home.

Police are aware of the alcohol consumption at casinos and look out for impaired drivers driving home.  If you plan to go to a casino and enjoy some drinks, keep in mind how you plan to get home.  Plan to take a cab or designate a friend to be the non-drinking driver.  Too often the drink sneak up on you and you are actually above the legal limit without feeling as though you are.  If you decide to drive and are pulled over, remember to be courteous and respectful to the officer, and immediately call Tempe DUI attorney Matthew Lopez Law at 602-960-1731.

Hiring the right lawyer for a DUI charge is so important.  Don’t let one fun night at the casino leave a lasting scar: hire knowledgeable, trained and respected Arizona DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez to guide you and protect your rights through the complex legal process. Scottsdale DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez will provide a free case evaluation to discuss your charges.