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Charged With A DUI Offense? Whether This Is Your First, Second Or Third Violation, Our Team Is Here To Represent You.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), our founder, Matthew Lopez, and our team will work to protect your rights and vigorously advocate for you, from the start of your case to its final resolution. Being arrested for drunk driving is a very serious situation, and a conviction can result in negative effects on not only your future but those of your loved ones as well.

At Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC, our lawyers understand this kind of crisis and will leverage their experience and extensive education in Arizona DUI laws and defenses on your behalf. They will investigate your circumstances thoroughly to determine the most appropriate DUI defense in Arizona. Mr. Lopez and our team will take the time to study all elements of the case to make sure that your rights were not violated in any way during your arrest. Contact our office immediately for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. Our lawyers will help you understand the charges, your rights and the potential outcomes.

What Should You Do First After A DUI Arrest?

First, you need to stay calm. As upsetting as the situation may be, you do not want to allow yourself to say or do anything that could make your situation worse. With that in mind, here are the next steps you should take:

  1. Exercise your right to remain silent. Do not try to explain yourself or talk the police out of the arrest. You can only hurt your case. Once an officer has committed to an arrest, they will not change course, and your words can later be used against you.
  2. Carefully look at the paperwork you are given. In most cases, the officer will take your driver’s license and give you some papers that include a notification that your license will be suspended in 15 days unless you ask for an administrative hearing on the issue with the Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT) Motor Vehicle Division office.
  3. Write down everything you can recall. You want to try to commit to paper as many details as you can remember about the events leading up to your traffic stop, during the stop itself and after your arrest. That information can prove invaluable for your defense down the line.
  4. Call an experienced DUI attorney. Too many people think that a conviction is a foregone conclusion once they are arrested for DUI. You need strategic guidance both to request the administrative hearing regarding your license and to mount a solid defense to your charges. Your lawyer will help you explore your defense options and work to maintain your driving privileges.

Finally, make sure that you listen carefully to your attorney’s guidance. Your attorney has your best interests at heart, so you can trust them to help you navigate through all the important steps you need to follow, whether the case is ultimately dismissed, negotiated to a close through a plea agreement or settled at trial.

Our Team Helps DUI Clients Build Strong Defenses

At your initial consultation, Mr. Lopez and our team will find out the details surrounding your arrest in order to make sure that you were taken into custody legally. They will work with you to develop a strategy aimed at helping you move toward a positive outcome in your case. Often, rights have been violated, processes and procedures have been ignored and mistakes have been made. At Matthew Lopez Law, our lawyers will provide you with the legal representation you can count on.

Our team handles the following DUI-related legal issues, among others:

  • Ignition interlock violations
  • Underage DUI offenses
  • Repeat DUI charges
  • First-time DUI arrests
  • Drugged driver DUI charges
  • Driver’s license suspensions
  • DUI charges against out-of-state drivers

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