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ASU students get schooled on underage drinking. Better Call Tempe Underage Drinking Attorney

Call a Tempe Underage Drinking Attorney who Has Handled Countless MIC & MIP Cases

Classes are almost in session at ASU! Freshman are starting their move into the dorms preparing for the new and exciting college life, and returning students are getting their books and class schedules organized to continue their ASU experience.  With the return of students to the Tempe area, there will be an influx of under age drinking going on, as friends re-unite and last hoorahs are celebrated.  Bars, restaurants and grocery stores will be on the look out for people under 21 attempting to buy alcohol, and police will also be more alert to underage drinking.

Tempe police and ASU police stay busy during the school year with catching under age students in possession or in consumption of alcohol.  The charges are called minor in consumption and minor in possession, or MIC and MIP.  These are criminal charges and consequences of a conviction include fines, community service, alcohol awareness classes, and even possible jail time.  Tempe underage drinking attorney Matthew Lopez is highly experienced with these charges and will fight to reduce or eliminate the consequences of the charges.  ASU minor in possession lawyer Matthew Lopez, an ASU grad himself, understands that people make mistakes and knows that a misdemeanor conviction on your record is nothing to take lightly.

Tempe criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez Law is available right now to discuss your charges and answer any and all questions you have about the charges and the process.  Contact Matthew Lopez Law immediately if you or a loved one has been charged with an MIC or MIP to speak directly with a Tempe Underage Drinking Attorney