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Nuances of marijuana DUI cases are a challenge in Arizona

The driver in a deadly crash on the I-10 last week is facing serious charges and life changing consequences. The driver was allegedly speeding, estimated by a witness at 105 miles per hour, and lost control of the car. Crashing into the median, the impact killed his passenger, a 16 year old girl. After the accident, the driver admitted to police that he had been smoking marijuana prior to driving.

Multiple Charges for a Single Mistake

The driver in this crash is facing several criminal charges, including second degree murder, aggravated assault and endangerment. While the marijuana DUI is probably the least of his worries, it is a more common charge found in the courts around Arizona.

Driving under the influence of marijuana is an extremely risky behavior. Marijuana is known to significantly reduce reaction time and ability to judge distance and speed. Arizona takes marijuana DUIs very seriously, whether the driver has a medical marijuana card or not. There are many nuances to a marijuana DUI that make it unique and complicated. Police use several methods to determine if a driver is under the influence, and of what substance. Alcohol affects people differently than drugs, and different drugs affect people differently as well. There are also tricky laws that involve the different components within marijuana that must be investigated in a marijuana DUI case.

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As one of Arizona’s top criminal defense attorneys, Matthew Lopez has extensive experience in all kinds of cases, whether alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs. Matthew Lopez Law thoroughly investigates the entire case, from the initial reason for a stop to the lab testing methods and results and everything in between. This is used to develop a strong and effective defense to get the best possible outcome for a client. If you need help with your case or have any questions, contact us today.