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Getting Underage DUI Cases Dismissed at Tempe Court

Arizona has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to people under 21 who are caught driving after consuming alcohol. The general DUI law of being over a .08 does not apply to people who are under 21. If you are under the legal drinking age, you cannot have any alcohol in your system when you drive. If a police officer pulls you over for a traffic violation and has reason to believe you have consumed alcohol, they can conduct a DUI investigation. The DUI investigation will most likely include a portable breath test. If the breath test reveals any presence of alcohol, you will either be arrested or cited for what is commonly referred to as a “Baby DUI.”

Real Example of How Our Lawyers Can Help

I went to court this morning for an ASU student who had an underage DUI case assigned to the Tempe Municipal Court. This young lady was originally stopped for exhibiting suspicious driving behavior. In my opinion, the officer was fishing for DUI suspects. Officer pulled her over and said she had a “distinct” odor of alcohol coming from her breath. Based on the odor, he administered a portable breath test that resulted in a .019 blood alcohol content.

This is a load of garbage. There is no way that a person with a .019 blood alcohol content could possibly have a “distinct” odor of alcohol coming from her breath. This was a bald-faced lie by the police officer.

I felt terrible for this young lady. As with all our cases, we worked incredibly hard at gathering evidence and documentation to demonstrate to the prosecutor why she cannot have a DUI conviction.

Another Great Outcome

Due to the hard work dedicated by my office and our client, we were able to negotiate an agreement that will eventually result in a case dismissal. I could not have asked for a better outcome. My client was mistreated by the police officer and a dismissal was truly the outcome she deserved.

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