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What Are The Consequences of an Underage DUI at Mesa Court

Under 21 DUI Cases in Mesa

Our law firm regularly represents clients arrested for DUI who are under 21. While it is against the law for a person to drive a vehicle with a blood alcohol content greater than .08, it is against the law for a person under 21 to operate a vehicle with any traceable amount of alcohol in their system. This means a person could have just a .01 blood alcohol content and still be charged with an underage DUI.

So what are the consequences of a underage DUI conviction? Although there is a separate offense for someone who is under 21, they will also be charged with the same types of DUIs as if they were over 21. For instance, if an underage person has a blood alcohol content of over a .20, they will be charged with a Super Extreme DUI and an underage DUI. If convicted of a Super Extreme DUI, they will be sentenced as if they were over 21. Additionally, a conviction for an underage DUI will result in an automatic two year license suspension. Depending on the facts and the court, a judge may allow a person to receive a restricted driver’s license during this period of time

North Mesa Justice Court Case

Recently, our lawyers represented a young man who was a facing an underage DUI case at the North Mesa Justice Court. Client was pulled over for swerving within his lane. The officer conducted several field sobriety tests and administered a portable breath test. After the officer determined there was sufficient probable cause to arrest, client was given a breathalyzer where he blew a .145. The attorneys at our office fully investigated the case, including interviewing arresting officers and worked closely with client and his family.

Outcome for Underage DUI

Because of hard work and attention to our client’s case, we were able to negotiate a resolution where the prosecutor’s office dismissed the DUI counts and allowed our client to enter into a plea agreement for the underage DUI. The underage DUI agreement we negotiated required just a $494 fine. Client did not have to participate in alcohol education courses and did not have to serve any jail time.

The work ethic of the attorneys at our office is second to none. We understand what it takes to provide clients with exceptional outcomes. If you or a family member are facing an Underage DUI case in Mesa, please give us a call to discuss your case for free. Hiring our office means you will have a team of experienced attorneys on your side.

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