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ASU Students Arrested Need Legal Help

A Lawyer for ASU Students

Every fall thousands of parents will their children to Arizona State University for their freshman year.  For many students, this will be their first time living away from home.  Parents and students are excited to furnish their dorms, meet their dormmates and choose their classes.  When parents leave their children on the last day of move in weekend, they experience mixed emotions.  On one hand, they are happy their child is getting ready to embark on a new chapter in their life.  On the other hand, they are hoping their child takes school seriously and does not get hurt or find themselves in any trouble.

While my office represents ASU students who get in trouble for typical college “crimes,” i.e. underage drinking, urinating in public, minor in possession of alcohol, disorderly conduct, a few times throughout the academic year, we will represent an ASU student who is facing very serious felony charges.

When a parent finds out their child has been arrested, their entire life becomes disheveled.   Typically, parents are out of state.  They don’t know anyone in Arizona.  Although they are mad at their child, they feel hopeless about not being able to immediately help them.  Some of the more common types of serious charges my office sees ASU students charged with are drug and sex charges.

Turn to a Criminal Defense Lawyer

As a parent myself, I understand your position. You want your child to learn their lesson but you don’t want their poor decision making to ruin their life.  If you are a parent reading this and your child has been arrested and facing serious charges, let me make one promise to you, you can rest assured knowing that my office is here to help and that we are going to do everything in our power to ensure you child is protected.

As a Tempe criminal defense law firm, we are used to representing ASU students.  We not only have experience dealing with the court system, we help our clients with the consequences that may also come from the University.  We understand that our student clients may not appreciate the severity of the situation.  They may feel that they are somewhat invincible because they are students.  I am straight and to the point with my clients.  Although I use my experience to help get my clients out of bad situations, I want them to realize that they are facing serious charges and that poor decision making could ruin the rest of their life.

If you child has been charged with a crime, call my office so that I can explain the process.  You will feel comfortable and confident that you are receiving sound advice and representation from a Tempe criminal defense lawyer who truly cares.

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