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Urinating In Public Is A Criminal Offense

Because of the nightlife associated with Tempe and Scottsdale, police are regularly patrolling alleyways for people who are urinating. Although it may seem harmless to urinate in a dark, quiet area, Tempe and Scottsdale have made it a crime to urinate in public (UIP), even though there may not be anyone else around or whether anyone other than the police officer saw the offender. In fact, there are police officers specifically assigned to patrolling the area to uphold urinating in public laws.

Penalties For Urinating In Public

The worst mistake you can make after receiving a citation for urinating in public is to either disregard the citation or simply just pay the fine. The officer and the court staff will take advantage of your lack of knowledge of Arizona law by downplaying the severity of your offense. Although the citation you receive may seem like nothing more than a traffic ticket, it is a criminal complaint and you are now being charged with a criminal offense. Once you are charged with an offense, your urinating in public charge will appear on a criminal background search. If you simply pay the fine, even though it may only be a few hundred dollars, you are admitting guilt and will be a convicted of a crime. This means, when you are applying for a job, the urinating in public conviction will appear on your criminal history. Urinating in public is a serious offense that may significantly affect your future employment opportunities.

Crafting A Strong Defense For Your Case

The lawyers at Matthew Lopez Law have handled hundreds of urinating in public cases in Tempe and Scottsdale. We know how to effectively investigate a case and present your side of the story to the court in an effort to get your case dismissed. Even if you feel that you were caught in the act and you are guilty, our attorneys are experienced in crafting unique defenses to help even the guiltiest clients avoid a criminal conviction.

Costs And Benefits Of Hiring A Lawyer For A UIP Charge

Our law office charges a modest, flat fee for UIP cases. There are no hidden fees. We are straight and to the point. Hiring our office to defend your case is a smart investment. In some cases, we are able to resolve your case without you ever having to set foot in a courtroom. In addition to saving you time, our ultimate goal is to keep this charge off your record so that it will not affect any of your future career or education opportunities.

Talk To Our Attorneys For Free

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