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Made in the Shade Beer Festival

Arizona’s craft beer enthusiasm is growing each year.  Every few months you hear about a new brewery opening up in the Valley or elsewhere in the state.

Craft beer fans love to taste different brews in one place, which is why beer festivals are getting more popular and frequent.  Each year the Made in the Shade beer festival in Flagstaff draws crowds up north for the cool weather and the picturesque pine forests.

The Bigger the Festival the Larger the Problem

Large outdoor gatherings like Made in the Shade always have one big problem: the restroom facilitates.  Most festivals use portable toilets, and especially at drinking events, a long tedious line is a guarantee.  This is one reason our office gets calls on a regular basis for urinating in public.

When people drink, it is much harder to wait in those long lines to use a designated restroom so occasionally drinkers get the urge to urinate in a public place.  While it may seem like a minor offense, you can be charged with a misdemeanor called urinating in public.  Depending on the circumstances, the police officer may include facts in their report to make the case worse, such as indecent exposure and the need to register as a sex offender.

Always plan for lines

When you’re enjoying the amazing atmosphere these events provide, plan ahead for the lines to the restroom because a momentary call from nature might end you up in from of a judge.

Call our office for a free case evaluation if you have been charged with pubic urination or indecent exposure.

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