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Tempe disorderly conduct lawyer restores order to your life

After such a sporty fun-filled weekend, many of us are just facing the reality of going back to work.  There were plenty of parties and celebrations, from the rowdy crowds at the Phoenix Open to the cheering and booing at Super Bowl get-togethers.  Unfortunately, some people are not just facing going back to work, but they are also facing a criminal charge that they received over the weekend.  When there is drinking, there will be mistakes made, and the police all over the Valley were on patrol looking for those mistakes.

Disorderly Conduct Charge

From the Phoenix Open and Old Town Scottsdale to West Gate and Mill Ave, crowds walking around from place to place may have made the mistake of getting a little loud, rowdy or even engaging in an argument in public.  These instances, as well as many more possible scenarios, can easily get the attention of a nearby police officer, resulting in an arrest for disorderly conduct.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Disorderly conduct is a class I misdemeanor, a criminal charge.  Consequences for a Tempe disorderly conduct charge can be serious: 6 months in jail, $2,500 fines, and probation.  Not to mention frequent court appearances, time away from work, and a criminal record. Because Scottsdale disorderly conduct charge s can be given for a wide range of scenarios, and the maximum penalties are high, it is important to hire an experienced Tempe disorderly conduct lawyer to fight your charges.  The stakes are high: do not take this lightly and attempt to handle the complicated court system, prosecutors, judges, and court appearances yourself.  Tempe disorderly conduct lawyer Matthew Lopez understands these particular charges and knows how to develop a powerful defense.  Contact Tempe disorderly conduct lawyer Scottsdale disorderly conduct lawyer Matthew Lopez today if you were charged with disorderly conduct over the weekend.  It is the time to have a professional on your side to get you the best possible results.  Call Matthew Lopez Law for a free case evaluation.